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The Isis Fashion Awards is a new prestigious fashion competition that is organized annually in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. During the competition 15-20 designers showcase their designs on the catwalk in front of an audience and jury. Prizes are then awarded to the top three fashion designers.

The Isis Fashion Awards has a strong emphasis on discovering and encouraging talent, supporting visionary designers and their ideas. During IFA designers are able to showcase (on the catwalk) and sell (in showrooms) 11 types of fashion items: shoes, bags, glasses, jewelry, watches, earrings, gloves, scarves, belts, hats and masks.

IFA is a one-day event, that consists of red-carpet interviews, fashion shows and an award ceremony. The IFA will be held in 2021 in the Bijlmerpark Theater in Amsterdam the Netherlands. Designers can sign-up here to participate. REGISTER