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he Isis Fashion Awards (IFA) will be held on in 2023 and includes judges such as Tainá Müller and Bjorn van Berg. Around the world thousands of fashion shows are organized every year, but the Isis Fashion Awards is the only fashion show where the models don’t wear clothes. This allows us to focus on 12 types of fashion items. Shoes, bags, glasses, jewelry, watches, stockings, socks, gloves, scarves, belts, hats and masks.

The “Underdogs”
The Isis Fashion Awards is the first fashion show in the Netherlands exclusively focused on accessories. Accessory designers are the “underdogs” in the fashion industry. Often all the attention and fame go to the clothing designers. Many accessory designers feel undervalued and “overlooked”, but with our IFA we provide a unique platform for accessory designers.

This distinctive format allows fashion designers to showcase their designs in a focused way. For example, no longer are accessory designers forced to work with clothing designers if they want to display their collections. With our format the accessory designs can take center stage and receive focused attention from the audience.

Aside from highlighting designs, IFA also highlights designers. After each catwalk the jury will ask the designers questions and give their feedback. This will allow the audience to get to know the designers more and the motivations behind their designs. The Isis Fashion Awards also gives designers and models VIP treatment. Designers and models arrive at the IFA red carpet in limousines and are also photographed and interviewed at the red carpet.

Outside of the competition the Isis Fashion Awards also has talent development course for emerging designers.