Patricia Paay Isis Fashion Awards Judge Jury Jurylid
Maik de Boer Isis Fashion Awards Judge Jury Jurylid
Regilio Tuur Isis Fashion Awards Judge Jury Jurylid
Maureen Powel Isis Fashion Awards Judge Jury Jurylid
Carolien ter Linden Isis Fashion Awards Judge Jury Jurylid
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The Isis Fashion Awards are judged by various prominent celebrities within the media and fashion industry.

Patricia Paay
Patricia Paay is a Dutch singer, actress, model, television personality and fashion icon. With a career spanning over five decades.  She’s also known for her appearances on Dutch TV shows. Paay’s versatile talent and vibrant persona have made her a beloved figure in Dutch entertainment.

Regilio Tuur
Regilio Tuur is a former pro boxer and fashion icon. Tuur’s life after boxing was not limited to sports and charity. He also developed activities in the fashion industry. With a keen eye for style, he launched his own clothing line, which became successful due to its unique mix of sporty elegance and street style. This venture highlighted his versatility and creativity, adding a new dimension to his already impressive career.

Maik de Boer
Maik de Boer is a prominent costume designer and fashion critic. With more than 30 years experience in the fashion industry, Maik de Boer has cemented his legacy in couture.


Maureen Powel 
Maureen Powel is a prominent stylist. She is known for styling many celebrities and prominent industry professionals. She was also a model and is a 15 year veteran in fashion industry.


Carolien Ter Linden
Carolien Ter Linden is an award winning TV Producer & Presenter RTL4 & Videoland – CTL Productions CEO Model Agency PassarellaModa Agency and Cannes Fashion TV. This fashion industry veteran has more than 20 years experience in the fashion industry.