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Choosing the next great designer is not a simple task, which is why the Isis Fashion Awards has assembled a team of experts to assist in this complex assignment. The Isis Fashion Awards are judged by prominent fashion experts, who examine the designers on the basis of creativity, talent, impact and originality.

Vicente Januario
Vicente Januario also known as Vicente Berlin is a multidisciplinary fashion designer based in Germany. Vicente is the founder of Vicente Berlin in Hamburg. His company combines video, art and fashion and produces PR films for fashion organizations and retail industries. This multidisciplinary approach to fashion allows Vicente to engage a broader audience. Vicente not only sells his designs in Europe but together the Stone Foundation also sells his work in Africa. 

Swinda van Dijk
Swinda van Dijk is an award-winning fashion designer and owner of the luxury fashion label Swinda van Dijk. Her designs are made in the Netherlands for Demi Couture and Italy for the ready-to-wear. The ready-to-wear collection has the same look & feel as the Demi Couture collection, but for an affordable price. The designs have an ultra-feminine aesthetic and sleek lines.

Gary Symor
Gary Symor is a prominent designer who has designed collections for L’Oreal and Rener Froger’s dancers  in the Amsterdam Arena. Gary also designed uniforms for Marcel Wanders and the Agora Theater. Then, in 2006, Gary Symor decided to launch his own brand, Gary Symor Design. From there, he has worked for different brands and individuals, such as the exclusive clothing line for Jourmain, and clothing line Kathryn Milan. 

Paulina Tsvetanova
Paulina Tsvetanova is a fashion designer and author, who graduated art history and philosophy. She is CEO of PAULINA’S FRIENDS, a company that specializes in the interface of art, design and couture fashion. Paulina is currently working on her Phd thesis on “Style icons in the context of contemporary art and fashion”. She has been also an international keynoter at Business Women Egypt and the International Women Entrepreneurship Summit.