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This is the application form is for the national and international fashion designers. The application fee for designers and small brands is 500 euro. For large brands with over a million in revenue the application fee is 1.000 euro. Aside from displaying their designs on the catwalk, designers will also have a 1×2 meter area in the showroom where they can display and sell their designs after the show to the public. The application fee covers all costs: models, catwalk, showroom, filming, photographers, limo transport, red carpet, food and drinks. Designers can select more than one type of fashion accessories. A designer can select a maximum of 3 types of designs. For example if a designer wants to showcase shoes, glasses and bags they can select shoes, glasses and bags from the option menu. We also allow duo designers, this means designers can team up. In order to properly apply please fill in two names in the name box and “duo”. Please fill in all the information fields. After the application is filled in and sent, our team will contact you via email and explain the payment process. After payment our fashion choreographer Jerry Luxenburg will contact the designers and begin planning the details for the show.

What Do Designers Get? (Summary)
1. Television Exposure
2. Video of Redcarpet and Catwalk (4K Quality)
3. Photos of Redcarpet and Catwalk
4. Feedback & Questions from Judges (Similar to Project Runway)
5. Redcarpet Interview
6. 1×2 meter Showroom space to sell designs to the public
7. Certificate

    Independent DesignerSmall BrandLarge Brand (Yearly Revenue Million +)