Aurora Koteva
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The Isis Fashion Awards team is an assembly of creative and diverse individuals with years of experience in the creative industry. These are the main team members of Isis Fashion Awards.  

Jan-Willem Breure
Jan-Willem Breure is the director of the Isis Fashion Awards and also the co-founder of the New Vision International Film Festival (NVIFF). The NVIFF is a prestigious film festival with Tony, Grammy and Emmy winning attendees. Jan-Willem has an extensive background in festivals and events and specializes in creating luxury brands. Jan-Willem was born in Rwanda and moved to the Netherlands when he was thirteen. He studied at the Royal Academy of the Arts in The Hague and in 2019 he founded NVIFF and 2021 he founded IFA.

Jerry Luxenburg
Jerry Luxenburg is the show producer and coordinator of IFA. Jerry Luxenburg has an extensive background in high fashion event productions. He has more then ten years experience in the fashion industry and operates on an international level. Fashion Organizations, international fairs, fashion brands and designers frequently hire him for his unique show production style. In 2012 Jerry established Salonè della Moda which combines art and fashion in a luxury setting. His team has produced over 250 fashion shows in the last 9 years.

Ray Blinker
Ray Blinker is the co-founder and Executive Producer of the Isis Fashion Awards. As a festival Executive Producer, Ray is primarily responsible for arranging investment for IFA. Ray Blinker created Roof the first Dutch multi-cultural fashion magazine. He is also a consultant for the Raad van Cultuur The Hague and the founder of the Directors Roundtable Amsterdam, Smart Black Collective and BrownStreet BusinessClub, a dynamically influential network consisting of professionals of color.

Aurora Koteva
Aurora Koteva is a fashion branding manager and PR expert. Aurora has more than 15 years experience in the fashion retail industry and B2B events. She developed several PR activities for fashion showrooms, international designers, brands, individual press shows and shows for platforms like Salone della Moda and the Excellent fair. Aurora was also nominated by the TOC Fashion Academy Tuscany for the Ethical fashion Award and will assist and coordinate all seating managements and backstage events at IFA.